KC360 Services

Each service below has been researched and curated for YOU to assist through the collegiate search and admission process. My goal has been and always will be to connect you with the best resources.

Analyze universities for your budget and access a financial picture of what you would be paying for college.

Using the MyCAP tool, families can see:

  • How much colleges think you can afford
  • How much you can actually afford
  • What types of grants and scholarships are available
  • What your Funding Gap is
  • What your out-of-pocket cost would be

Ideal for families of 10-12th graders. Get a get a quick cost picture of 3 universities HERE (FREE). For full access to unlimited universities, scholarship database, and ability to add specific scholarships awarded to (seniors), upgrade your account. Use code KC360 for 15% off. Account is active for one year and shows a dollar for dollar price comparison. Consider the $300 if you might need line-by-line FAFSA help or FAFSA filing assistance with an expert.

Not sure what you want to major in or what career path to take?

The Pathway Planner assessment and resource is for you! The online assessment includes: assessment, outcome coaching, consultation around majors/careers, and universities, along with scholarships for those majors/careers.

$300 Book HERE.

Writing your collegiate personal essay course. The course is a online, self-paced program designed for students to complete on their own time (and in their own time zone). Learn from TCK Ethan Sawyer, “The College Essay Guy.” Access to the course is for one year from the date you are granted the course.
Nov/Dec Sale: Normally $300, get the course for $200 Email to start now!

Essay Review: Don’t need the course but want your essay reviewed with edits and feedback? Email today to get started! $50

Get ready for the ACT and SAT with PrepScholar online classes! PrepScholar.com. Sign up today for a 5-day free trial of the PrepScholar PSAT Online Prep Course.

Online SAT Test Prep, Done Right – PrepScholar.com

ACT Prep, Designed from the Ground Up – PrepScholar.com

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SAT 1400 LOL – $300 Off!   SAT 1400 LOL – $300 Off!   Voucher Code: Save 300   LINK HERE  
SAT 1500 Tutoring – $1,000 Off!   SAT 1500 Tutoring – 1000 Off!   Voucher Code: Tutor1000     Link HERE  
ACT 34+ Tutoring – $1000 Off!   ACT 34+ Tutoring – $1000 Off!   Voucher Code: Tutor1000   Link HERE  
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AP 5 Guarantee Tutoring – $300 Off!   AP 5 Guarantee Tutoring – $300 Off!   Voucher Code: 5SCORE   Tracking Link HERE  
AP 4 Guarantee Tutoring – $200 Off!   AP 4 Guarantee Tutoring – $200 Off!   Voucher Code: 5SCORE   Link HERE  

One hour consultation: for any questions you have concerning: High School course plans, choosing a college, scholarship process, and more! $35. Book here.

Application Review: Need your college app reviewed? Send the PDF of your college application and we will look at your activities, light essay review, letter of recommendation, and any other app related questions. $50 Email PDF now!

Essay Review: Don’t need the course but want your essay reviewed with edits and feedback? $50 Email today to start!

Monthly Navigator: Ideal for seniors Membership follows the admission timeline, covering content such as application tips, FAFSA, financial aid, scholarship dual enrollment, transition to college and more. Virtual College Fairs (spring and fall) included for members! Content is posted monthly.