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Applying for college does not have feel lonely or scary. Enter the process with confidence and the journey with strength as we work together to get your family to the best college for your student. You aren’t alone. We are here to help and cheer you on.

With a background as a third culture kid (TCK) and international admissions experience, there is one thing I have learned: the collegiate admission experience is not one for the faint of heart. The U.S. admission process is unique to anywhere else in the world. But guess what? So are you. After years of seeing students and families frustrated and overwhelmed by the process, I’ve made it my business (literally) to assist families navigate the admissions world. 

The U.S. admission process is unique to anywhere else in the world. But guess what? So are YOU.

- kristi, KC360 owner


KC360 makes it our goal to know your family, your student, and how to put your best collegiate application forward. Using passion and experience from collegiate university recruiting, assistance, advice, and consultation we help your forward through the application process. 


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With KC360, your collegiate entry prospects are greatly improved. Kristi's professional experience spans both national and international education arenas, providing you unprecedented knowledge and expertise. Using international and domestic university recruiting experience to assist your family in finding the collegiate community and academic environment your student needs.


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